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It is a short walk to get to the hotel from the airport. Our entrance is on the same level as Departures on level 3, you only have to cross the road.

  • Taxis will arrive at level 1
  • Busses will arrive at level 1
  • Trains are arriving at level -1

In all cases you will have to go up to level 3 to enter the hotel.

We recommend you to consult the official airport website regularly to get the latest updates. Click here



Until further notice, our hotel parking is unavailable. Guests should use the public airport parkings Front Park 1, 2 or 3. To walk to the hotel from your car, please follow the signs “Departures 1”.

Guests must validate their parking ticket using the paying machines in these public parkings.

For more information, please visit and



If you require transportation assistance, or if you have any additional requests, please feel free to contact us at (32)(2) 224 3111.